Tips & Tricks

Getting the hang of TanTowel? If you are having some common struggles, we hope the information below will help you. 

Preparation Tips

Make sure your skin is clean and dry.

Before applying your TanTowel, always ensure your skin feels clean and dry to the touch after a shower. If you are using any soaps or cleansers that leave a tangible film of oil or lotion on the skin, it can create a barrier to your tan development. If you apply the product to dirty skin, it can clog your pores.

Exfoliate your skin to help ensure a smooth finish.

We suggest you take some time to exfoliate your skin before your TanTowel application. If you are using and exfoliator with beads or grains, ensure there is no residue left on the skin before you begin. Some users find they like to exfoliate the day before, as opposed to immediately before application.

 Plan for 4-6 hours to pass, before getting your skin wet again.

Once the TanTowel has been applied, it's important to stay dry for the first 4 - 6 hours during tan development. An easy way to avoid the wait is to apply the TanTowel at night before bed - this way by the time you wake up, you can resume your daily beauty routines, including showers - without worry of ruining your tan.


Application Tips

Be mindful, and keep track of the areas you've applied the clear formula to as you go.

Our towelettes have a formula that goes on completely clear - and if you do not keep a mental note of the areas you have already applied the product to, it can be easy to lose track and miss a spot. Belly buttons, armpits, and hairlines are easy to overlook during application. It never hurts to go over the same area twice. If having a color guide is important to you during application, you might consider using our Express Tan on the TanTowel instead - this way you can see exactly where you are applying as you go.

Try applying TanTowel to larger areas of the body first such as torso, back, arms and legs. 

Ideally, you should begin application on a larger area of your body and work out from there. Try starting with your chest, back and midsection, then work down to your legs, and arms. once the big areas are out of the way, your towelette will feel dryer, and you can finish with the tops of your feet, ankles, knees, elbows, hands and face. If there are areas on your body which are especially prone to dryness, do not begin with those areas, save them for last. Dryer skin soaks up more formula, and can develop darker in color as a result. Everyone is different, and you may find your own order of application that works best for you over time differs from our suggestion. 

Handle the towelette in a way that's comfortable for you, apply in circular motions where possible.

There are a variety of ways one can actually apply the towelette to the body. Our standard application method is the towelette in one hand, gently applied to the skin evenly in circular motions - as if are painting a wall. You can also apply it in back and forth sweeps, you can bunch it up and dabble or twist it in spots, you can also grab an end of the towelette in both hands behind you and shimmy or roll it across your back or body. Find what is most comfortable for you. However you apply it, just ensure the formula is making contact with the parts of your body you need to tan. Don't be afraid to go right up to your hairline, the formula will not tan hair.

Periodically wash your hands as you go.

It is not recommended that you wait until you've completed your application to wash your hands - it is best to wash them periodically as you go, or keep a moist hand towel around to wipe your hands on. Ensure when you wash your hands, water is not dripping down your wrists and arms, as this may cause streaking. If you palms are especially dry, it might be most helpful to wear latex or nitrile gloves for the bulk of application, and remove them at the end to tan the tops of your hands and wrists.


Development Tips

Stay dry for 4-6 hours after application.

It's important to stay dry for at least 4 hours after you're applied TanTowel. Working out is not recommended during this time as sweat can streak when it drips, or create a barrier to your tan development. Use caution when washing hands, as water drips running down wrists and arms can cause streaking. Once at least 4 hours have passed, it is no longer important for you to stay dry. You can avoid this wait time by applying your TanTowel at night before bed.

 Keep skin moisturized with TanTowel® On The Glow or Moisture Mist in those first few hours.

If you find your skin is easily dried out in the hours following application, we recommend you use either our On The Glow® or Moisture Mist as soon as 10 minutes afterwards. These moisturizers have been specially formulated to work with our TanTowels, you can use them on an as needed basis, and they will not compromise the appearance of your tan. Once 4 hours have passed you may use any desired moisturizer.

Leave at least 4 hours between applications to build your tan.

If one application is not dark enough, you may apply another towelette after 4 hours - and repeat as often as desired. Keep in mind, it may take up to 24 hours for your tan color to develop completely.